Rug Repair

Rug repair

Anabel’s restoration team should address any repairs to your oriental rug. Fringes or selvages that became partially detached can be sewn by hand using similar threads. Fringes on area oriental rugs typically begin to show signs of wear after 10-15 years.

A variety of other problems that need repair may beset a rug during its lifetime: holes, wrinkle lines, curling edges, visible wear, moth damage and so on. With the upmost appreciation and knowledge for oriental rugs, our experts prove there is nothing that can’t be fixed. The question always will be whether the value of the rug warrants the cost of repair.

Repair and Restoration services include:

Overcasting/Securing  $20.00 per foot
Add new fringe  $25.00 per foot
Hand-sewn Pockets  $30.00 per foot

The following extensive repair options are available upon request, but are not flat rate services. Estimates are required to be made for each piece.

  • Color Run Removal
  • Reweaving
  • Antiquing
  • Dyeing
  • Fire Treatment
  • Mold Remediation
  • Antibacterial Treatment
  • Sanitation
  • Dry Rot (areas can be secured to minimize deterioration)
  • Please note that cleaning is required prior to any repairs.