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Turkish rugs are identifiable by their traditional designs and very rich colors. Most of the time the motifs displayed in Turkish Rugs create a complete language.  They are the expressions of the weaver who are generally women.  Motifs depend on the period that they belong in history and the place where they live. The most widely known design from this region is called a Kilim rug.

Kilim Rugs

  • Unique to this style of rug is its flat-weave; oftentimes Kilims are reversible.
  • Kilim rugs are popularly used as tapestries. Some have also been known to be used as Muslim prayer rugs.
  • Different regions generate different styles, each having their own traditions revolving around colors, styles, and patterns.
  • The style and design express the identity of the village or nomadic group that wove it.
  • Features Mediterranean colors such as gold, orange, and turquoise.
  • Symbols of family tradition and tribal identity are applied to better articulate its origin.